April 17, 2024


    LUNAR NEW YEAR PARTY – THANK YOU! Event pictures and videos are available here, please upload more if you have any pictures/videos to share! Pictures and videos: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1v9J4ftJigCqSWnyF7keCcoQtmNQFewBG More pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UNg6YaLUBBsDN56n7 Party host Lijie Xu wishes to thank everyone who volunteered and participated in the 4th PCS Lunar New Year Celebration on Friday! This event would not have been possible without the support of our wonderful parent volunteers who helped with the dance programs, brought delicious food, and prepared all the fun activities. Thank you to all the students from Kindergarten to 8th grade who contributed to this event with your amazing performances. Special thanks also go to Mr. Patton for the entertaining opening remarks, Mr. Burt and Mr. Papp for performing in the dragon dance; Mr. Laga for directing the fashion show, Mr. Burt, Mrs. Dowling, Mme D, Mrs. Eckstrom, Sra. Gaissert, Mrs. Gonzalez, Ms. Kushner, Profa. Leahy, Ms. Medley, Mrs. Mehta, Ms. Noyelle, Ms. Rakowski, Mrs. Testa, Mme Toma, Ms. Weseloh, Mme Z, and Ms. Zerambo for your fabulous performances. Special mention to Ms. Rakowski for the decoration of beautiful dragons, and a big thank you to Lindsey Donaldson, Patrick Byrne, Kelly Byrne, and Sally Simpson for your help and support of this event! And finally, for those who missed it, here is the dance challenge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cJFqQ6nLTk . Thank you. Sincerely, Lijie Xu  
  • GALA 2024 – “April in Paris”  
    GALA 2024 is coming!   We are delighted to invite you to Charter school’s annual Gala, themed “April in Paris” on Saturday Apr 27, 2024, at the beautiful Springdale Golf Club. This adults-only event is one of Charter school’s most popular events offering parents to connect with the community.  Buy your tickets: https://fpcsch.ejoinme.org/2024Gala Learn how PCS Friends’ contributions have been put to use in the past: Letter from Mr. Patton
  • Friends Website Upgraded!
    In the updated Friends website pcsfriends.org, you can now find: without looking through your email.
  • Board of Education Candidates Forum 2023
    Board of Education Candidates 2023 (Alphabetic Order of Last Name): Beth Behrend; Adam Bierman; Eleanor Hubbard; René Obregon; Michele Tuck-Ponder            Hosts: Larry Patton, Head of Princeton Charter School           Bing Bai, Friends of PCS President Rupal Kothari, PCS Board of Trustees Officer (Moderator)   Join Zoom Meeting: Wednesday, October 25th, 7-8 PM https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84434076975?pwd=WkliTkVCdmpwNW5pSHlqNzJ4NjdkUT09 Meeting ID: 844 3407 6975 Passcode: 144331   Agenda Opening Statements – Maximum 1 minutes each, please include
    1. What sets you apart from the other candidates?
    2. Your top priorities as BOE officer.
    Long Questions – Maximum 2 minutes per candidate per question
    1. Self reflection/assessment is important for any organization. How do you think the BOE should evaluate PPS’s performance? What factors should it consider? What role do standardized test scores and rankings play in your evaluation?
    2. It seems that over the past year, parents have had a lot of questions and concerns ranging from sex education, the math curriculum, school safety, administrative personnel, etc. How do you plan to engage parents and the community in the board’s decision-making process? More specifically, how would you ensure transparency and accountability?
    3. Can you tell us about a decision the BoE made recently that you disagreed with or you voted against? Why do you think it was the wrong decision? And if there isn’t a decision that you formally disagreed with or voted against, what BOE decision caused you the greatest pause? How would you handle conflicts or disagreements among board members?
    4. How will the likely expansion of the student body in coming years affect the experience of students in PPS? What plans would you put in place for accommodating the influx of new students? More classrooms? More teachers? 
    Short Questions – Maximum 1 minutes per candidate per question
    1. What investments or enhancements at PHS do you envision or want to see enacted? How will it affect tax?
    2. How can communications between PHS teachers and parents be improved? There are currently no parent-teacher conferences at PHS and Canvas is no substitute for hearing directly from teachers and sharing concerns with them.   
    Summation – Maximum 1 minute per candidate  

    Appendix. Candidate Statements and Info

    Beth Behrend Eleanor Hubbard    
  • Fall Picnic 2023
    It was close but we lucked out again with the weather! We had a great time with delicious food brought by parents, musical chairs hosted by Mr. Ciuffreda and face painting by parent volunteer Nan Shao. Together with the 5-8 grade recycle sales and ice cream truck, it was a true festival. Thanks to all parents, volunteers, teachers, staff and admin who made this happen. Special thanks to Friends officer Jingyi (Jenny) Bao for leading the event!  Thanks for parents for PotLuck and cake donation. Thanks to signed up volunteers Marcia Shank, Lulu Zhang, Chaitra Baum, Glenda Macatangay, Rupal Kothari, Zoe Xue, Jinghua Li, Qing Li, Jayden Li, Jasmine Li, Yejia Li, Yingxia Wu, Honjun Wu, Joey Zhou, and many other volunteers who helped on site. Thanks to Ms. Simpson, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Medley for faculty supervision. Thanks to Mr. Byrne, Mr. Patton and Ms. Donaldson for their support of planning and setup. Thanks to Sophia Kumar for bringing in the ice cream truck. Thanks to the 5-8 recycle sale team for their creativity and hard work to help fundraising. If you have pictures you would like to share, please upload to: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xdbs9mHpovfHutU-giBbRhLjL_Gsx-9K/view?usp=sharing      

Welcome to Friends of Princeton Charter School!

Friends of Princeton Charter School (“Friends”) is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation, established in 1997. It is a Parent-Teacher organization (“PTO”) dedicated to support the charitable purposes of enriching the educational outcomes of the children enrolled in Princeton Charter School (“PCS”).  

100% Volunteers, all parents/guardians of PCS students welcome to participate. 

Friends Meetings: Meetings held 2nd Thursday of each month at Marsee Center at 8:30 am. Check PCS Newsletter

Volunteers: Friends is 100% volunteers -Parents, Guardians, Faculty & Staff of PCS. We welcome any time or support you can give. We will work with your schedule. Please join us! Fill the form here or send email to president@pcsfriends.org. 


  • Website/Tech Program Support

  • Annual Benefit Gala Spring 2022 (varying time commitments and roles)

  • Party board Hosts

  • Lunch Volunteers support

  • Homeroom Parent by grade (year-long role)

  • Book Fair (Fall & Spring)

  • Picture Day (Sept 22)

  • Family Picnic

  • Pie/Flower Sales

  • Spirit Wear Program

  • Faculty Appreciation Lunch

  • Special School Event Support / Hospitality

  • General Fundraising Campaigns & Ideas/ Business Sponsorship

Friends Fundraising: Friends raises funds through many activities throughout the year. 80% of our fundraising activity comes from our annual gala event. (Virtual family event last year) Other key fundraisers are Party Boards, Picture Day, Book Fairs, Family Picnics, Amazon Smile, McCafferty Receipts, PCS Days at local businesses, Princeton Perks Card, Scrips gift cards, Spirit Wear sales, Flower Sales, Holiday Pie sales, Yubbler, Employer matching programs, and parent/community donations and sponsorships.