July 22, 2024

Board of Education Candidates 2023 (Alphabetic Order of Last Name):

Beth Behrend; Adam Bierman; Eleanor Hubbard; René Obregon; Michele Tuck-Ponder         



Larry Patton, Head of Princeton Charter School          

Bing Bai, Friends of PCS President

Rupal Kothari, PCS Board of Trustees Officer (Moderator)


Join Zoom Meeting: Wednesday, October 25th, 7-8 PM


Meeting ID: 844 3407 6975

Passcode: 144331



Opening Statements – Maximum 1 minutes each, please include

  1. What sets you apart from the other candidates?
  2. Your top priorities as BOE officer.

Long Questions – Maximum 2 minutes per candidate per question

  1. Self reflection/assessment is important for any organization. How do you think the BOE should evaluate PPS’s performance? What factors should it consider? What role do standardized test scores and rankings play in your evaluation?
  2. It seems that over the past year, parents have had a lot of questions and concerns ranging from sex education, the math curriculum, school safety, administrative personnel, etc. How do you plan to engage parents and the community in the board’s decision-making process? More specifically, how would you ensure transparency and accountability?
  3. Can you tell us about a decision the BoE made recently that you disagreed with or you voted against? Why do you think it was the wrong decision? And if there isn’t a decision that you formally disagreed with or voted against, what BOE decision caused you the greatest pause? How would you handle conflicts or disagreements among board members?
  4. How will the likely expansion of the student body in coming years affect the experience of students in PPS? What plans would you put in place for accommodating the influx of new students? More classrooms? More teachers? 

Short Questions – Maximum 1 minutes per candidate per question

  1. What investments or enhancements at PHS do you envision or want to see enacted? How will it affect tax?
  2. How can communications between PHS teachers and parents be improved? There are currently no parent-teacher conferences at PHS and Canvas is no substitute for hearing directly from teachers and sharing concerns with them.   

Summation – Maximum 1 minute per candidate


Appendix. Candidate Statements and Info

Beth Behrend

Eleanor Hubbard