May 23, 2024

It was close but we lucked out again with the weather! We had a great time with delicious food brought by parents, musical chairs hosted by Mr. Ciuffreda and face painting by parent volunteer Nan Shao. Together with the 5-8 grade recycle sales and ice cream truck, it was a true festival. Thanks to all parents, volunteers, teachers, staff and admin who made this happen. Special thanks to Friends officer Jingyi (Jenny) Bao for leading the event! 

Thanks for parents for PotLuck and cake donation. Thanks to signed up volunteers Marcia Shank, Lulu Zhang, Chaitra Baum, Glenda Macatangay, Rupal Kothari, Zoe Xue, Jinghua Li, Qing Li, Jayden Li, Jasmine Li, Yejia Li, Yingxia Wu, Honjun Wu, Joey Zhou, and many other volunteers who helped on site. Thanks to Ms. Simpson, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Medley for faculty supervision. Thanks to Mr. Byrne, Mr. Patton and Ms. Donaldson for their support of planning and setup. Thanks to Sophia Kumar for bringing in the ice cream truck. Thanks to the 5-8 recycle sale team for their creativity and hard work to help fundraising.

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