July 22, 2024

Meet Maryam Simon, our new president of PCS Friends! Maryam and her husband Emmanuel are from France. They have lovely twin boys attending PCS 3rd grade (going on 4th grade). Maryam has been a Friends officer for 2 years, leading our party board program while contributing significantly in many other projects. She served as our co-VP in the past year, and took the duty of president in my absence. Known for her heart of gold, Maryam is admired for her passion in volunteering and her great sense of humor. From this day on, she can be contacted via president email.

This is my last post as the president of PCS Friends. I would like to once again thank everybody in our community: teachers, staff, parents, and my fellow Friends officers. Thank you for your kindness, your generosity and your commitment in helping our school, Friends, and me personally. I am very proud to be a part of the effort that makes our school the way it is now. I will remain a volunteer and will see you around in the coming years. Have a great summer!

Bing Bai